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Agency of Possessions Protection was founded in 1990, on the base of licence nr K-1681/90 that was positive verified by the new licence nr ZK-I-L-0074/99 and issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration on the base of Act of Possessions and People Protection from 22 nd of August 1997.
Our Firm is 100% based on truly polish capital.
We have experience in professional protection of buildings such as: state administration offices, banks, hotels, premises of the companies, shopping centres, hospitals, housing estates, car stores, sport buildings, education institutions within Warsaw and Mazowiecki district.

The area of our activities is as follows:

  • incompany possessions protection
  • transport and escort of money and other valuables
  • personal protection
  • security for local and foreign dignitaries
  • security of events (conferences, meetings, banquets, concerts)
  • monitoring
  • security consulting services
  • designing and installation of electronic security systems
  • insurance service
  • basic and specialist cleaning

To cover the demands of protection and escort we have at our disposal a 24-hour managing and monitoring centre, bank-cars and special vehicles.
Possession Protection is supported by patrol-interventionist radio-cars within Warsaw City and nearby that are equipped with direct pressure measures and firearms as well.
Our employees are competent specialists after military service. They are additionally trained in Security Training Centre so they can handle difficult situations and special needs. Our security agents are equipped with standardized uniforms, personal connection means and with different kinds of weapon as well. Everything is up to our clients' demands and possessions protection standards.
We employ 700 employees currently- 32 with licence of the second degree and 157 with licence of the first degree.
Co-operation with Police, Traffic Wardens and another agencies makes our workforce more effective. We also have an authorisation for preparation and sign plans of the security and negotiate them with the appropriate area police units.
To secure the highest standard of our service we have 24h. operation centre with employees with licence of the second degree. They constantly monitor the level of service that our Firm provides.

The Agency has a long-term experience in full and efficient detective service in the fields of:

  • consulting and completing security systems and protection of information
  • control and supervision of realisation the contracts with partners
  • economy intelligence
  • corporate theft
  • vindication

Detective service is an experienced personnel that guarantees confidentiality, professionalism, and safety of realisation the contracts.
We are insured in TuiR "CIGNA STU" S.A. against the risk of robbery and theft, civil responsibility and insurance of money in transport.

Grzegorz Skurski
Jerzy Cichocki